My Korean-Boo-ism!

I think in my heart of hearts…am a Korea-boo.

Annyeonghaseyo! Elizabeth yeyo haha…Gotchya! Hello everyone, am Elizabeth a.k.a Aeilsa…a.k.a Liz and your welcome to my blog. Mannaseo bangawoyo (It’s really nice to meet you ). My love for Hangul started with Boys over Flowers (any BOF fans in the house?!! Say whoop whoop). Prior to that, I don’t think I can recall knowing what hangul (Korean language) sounded like. Basically, I watched Korean dramas just for the same reason majority of people watch it for. The finneeee boys! lol


Korean drama collage
How many have you watched?! The reasons behind my love for the language.

But then I progressed from the rich fine K-drama boys (which few exist in real life) to the next best thing. Food! or Eumsik. AnytimeIi watch K-dramas, at a certain point, am always hungry. Then after one K-drama too many, I began to wonder about the South Korea and what it was like. Up until then, I might add that for the longest time I thought  South Korea was the same as North Korea prior to watching K-dramas…which am happy to report isn’t the case 🙂

Any smart person should know that media often sell a single story, even if they don’t want to. South Korea is much more than K-dramas, K-pop, variety shows and Kimchi, its a place of rich culture and traditions, a way of life which I find incredible and a real world with its own flaws as well, just like ANY COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE FRIGGING WORLD! South Korea thankfully is very up to date, contemporary and is not as strict as its northern counterpart, speaking of Seoul and probably Busan, Hongdae and Itaewon and probably Pyeonchang thoughhhhh I might add it still is very conservative in some aspects. I have also watched a lot of Youtube videos on how other races are treated in Korea (I lovvvvveeee Kennie J. D.) and basically, they seem to have a ‘normal’ treatment system to other races especially black people cause that’s what I searched for like 99% OF THE TIME! LOLI haven’t been to Korea so I really can’t say this and this and that and that of Korea but just from what I’ve seen and heard from people who have it really is a good place to go for vacations and a place to go learn a new culture and language if you can afford it.

CAN WE GET BACK TO THE FOOD?! lol. I just want to eat their FFOOOODD! Not the American foods/snacks where I hear everything is sweet haha but real Korean food/street foods I want to know what kimchi, bulgoigi, fish cakes, spicy rice cakes, ramyeon, dark soy noodles dumplings, moon cakes, bimbipap, SQUID and the many other delicacies Korea has to offer…basically a tasty vacation. LOL


korean food
My Korean Food Fantasies  

So why write a post about South Korea out of the blues? Basically, its a for a competition, for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018 and the deadline is tomorrow, 22nd of November 2017. My sister knows am trying to study hangul and she just showed me the contest flyer and after talking myself out of it…like is it possible to win? am here writing this rather long essay LOL. But am still trying though. If I win, going to be to S.K will be a dream….a dream! KKum! So there…my korea-boo-ism isn’t that bad is it?


Who else would love to go to S.K? Or if you have been to S.K, what was your experience like? Please tell me. I love reading up on this kind of stuff.

Until my next post…stay safe!



I Didn’t Run Away…Technically Speaking

*Door carefully creaking open and shut with just a click*

*Me standing sheepishly*

Hello guys 😀

Yes! I know I know it been a minute. I mean, after that wonderful post on what I promised to this year, I just vanished. Even for me, it was a little funny. I won’t say am back because I was never gone believe it or not, always thinking of my fam here on WordPress and the hundred of lurking readers. Been a little busy with school and I was getting anxious that I didn’t feel like writing even though I had all these ideas in my head. Sometimes I be coming home past 9pm fam and the last thing I wanted to do was to be in front of my computer. I say this with great shame 9*small whisper*) but I even thought about deleting the blog (did I just hear you gasp) but thankfully the BF advised me otherwise. But am happy to announce by the grace of God am done with my dissertation! Finally!

Dobby is freeeeee * Mad Fireworks*

I literally feel like a heavy load has been lifted off my head (yes my head, not just my shoulders) Been walking around lightheartedly…anyone out there knows what I mean? So will be back posting by the grace of God, makeup reviews, recipes, hacks and one or two funny/embarrassing/slightly awkward stories one being about how a Youtube clip put me and one of my professors in a slightly awkward position. It was a cringe-worthy moment 😀 😀

Just follow my blog to see upcoming posts in the very near future. So am typing in the dark with just the light from my computer screen at 5.41am in the morning (no power…courtsey NEPA/PHCN/whatever they’re being called these days). Think am going back to bed or will just continue listening to Hillsong’s songs haha…try saying that without missing a breath 😀 So till my next posts friends….stay safe!

Aeilsa over and out! Muah!

Image Source: A Touch of Blue Marine

2018… New Year Resolutions

Happy New Yearrrr!!!!

Yup, it’s a little late I know but am so you happy that God has kept us thus far! I have been at home for almost two weeks now and been really busy. I feel so guilty because I haven’t really paid attention to my baby *tear drop*

And by baby, I mean my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Not an actual baby (and am not talking about a man either! ). So as much as I try not to write 365 resolutions each year (ok haha, many not that many), I just have abouttt….errrmm….let’s see…

  1. To focus more on my social media handles. I by focusing to post a video every week on my Youtube channel, to post at least once a week on my blog (watch out for my random brain farts! lol), to tryyyyy and understand Twitter and post there once a while too. Okay. That’s a total of three (3) resolutions in one 🙂
  2. To try reading a book once a month. I used to be an avid reader when I was growing up. I mean I could read 300 and something page novels in a week or less than. Nowadays I struggle to read a 50 something page book. I wonder what happened. O yeah. I became an internet junkie 🙂 Don’t even get me STARTED on me trying to read my Bible at a stretch! A story for another time.

I threw losing weight /staying fit out the window a lonnnggg time ago lol.

Anyways, those are my resolutions this year by God’s grace.

Leave a comment on what you plan on achieving this year…and how many have you broken so far? haha


(P.S.: If I happen to sound like a toddler its because I ate a lot of sugar before bedtime. So I may be a little sugar high 😀 )

                                                           2018…may the odds be in our favor

Until my next post…Stay safe!

Love, Aeilsa.


My Creamy Avocado Pasta


It’s me Aeilsa with another post here.

Also..let’s  pretend it hasn’t been a while I’ve posted anything shall we😅Thank you! (감사합니다! )

So if you love pasta, and you want to cut down a few calories or maybe you want a healthier alternative, and! you also love avocado, then this my friend is the recipe for you🙌 

Basically you will need:

Pasta (1/2 pasta)

An avocado (1/2 avocado)

Salt (a pinch – half a table spoon)

Garlic (1 large diced clove)


Sausages (bolied)

Fresh tomatoes (cut in large chunks)

Pumkin leaves (thinly cut)

Black pepper

Onions (diced)

Anything you want to throw into the mix😊

  1. Boil pasta and drain.
  2. Cut your avocado in a bowl. Mash well with a fork, add in all the ingredients listed above apart from your pasta. If the consistency is a little too thick add a little pasta water or plain water.
  3. When your okay with the taste of basically, your guacamole 😁 , add in your pasta.
  4. Garnish with extra veggies or whatever you fancy on top
  5. Eat heartily in front if your enemies. Wahahaha!

Verdict: This was the first time eating pasta with avocado and I did expect the avocado-y taste😄 but it was so creamy to eat. And with the garlic, fresh tomatoes, pepper, sausages it was literally divine! And the beat part, apart from the pasta and sausage, everything else was guilt free!!! Can’t wait for avocado season to start to make this again!

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Leave a comment if you would try this recipe and if you have any variation that uou know would help! We do learn everyday. And off course thank you for stopping by 🙋🙋🙋and hope you do visit next time.

Stay safe! 

Xoxo, Aeilsa

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“Whatever work you do, do your best. This is because you are going to the grave. There is no working, no planning, no knowledge and no wisdom there”

                  Ecclesiastes 9: 10

Finding Confidence…or faking it at least

Confidence is like cake. You never know how it tastes until you try it.

– Aeilsa

Hey fam…welcome. How have you been? Hope this week has been slaying so far? If it hasnt, we still have Wednesday to Saturday for things to look up (Half glass full mentality here people). So today’s post, hopefully, a short one (hopefully) is my take on how to gain confidence as an individual in this very sweet but short life we all are living.

Am not the most confident person I would say, but I know that I can brazen up to any occasion if there is a need for me to be brazen. If not i normally lurk in the shadows…hiding…or stalking haha (Not really guys 😀 ). Although confidence sometimes look like a God-given ability for most people, for some us, we have to learn how to be confident or my favorite, fake being confident (hehehe) wheather be it for a job interview, a presentation, a seminar, starting a business, youtube channel or blog, here are some tips that have worked for me and hopefully you too;

  1. Remind yourself daily what you are good at.  It can be very easy to feel discouraged about your limitations but just like exercise, keep reminding yourself what a great person you are. Get a sheet of paper and write down a list of things (or that ONE thing) that you do well or even better than anybody, stick it to a mirror or the back of your door or something and gaze upon it each day.
  2. Practise being confident. Great singers only become great because of the time and effort they put in practicing their gifts/talents. People who hold seminars a lot of times practice what to say weeks, days and even a few minutes before their presentation. You may not spend as much time practicing your singing buuutt you can take a few minutes standing in the mirror and practice how you to talk, how to move/gesticulate.
  3. Look the part. Now that you’ve reminded yourself on how good you are, and ‘practiced’ how good you are (basically, you’ve dealt with your mind), now you have to LOOK THE PART. Let’s be honest, the world revolves around first impressions. Looking good is good business. Most of the most successful people in our time look well kept, smell really nice and generally are well kept. Even Steve Jobs with his standard look didn’t look ‘unkept’. And it’s like a natural law, once you look good, you tend to feel a little more confident than when you reek all over the place.

So there, being confidence may seem like a big deal for others, but if we (yes, you and me both) remind, practice and look the part, being confident is something we can do right? Right. *high five*

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DIY Tissue Hairpiece

Hey there! Eoreanmaniyo!! Been a while hasn’t it? Sorry but am in school and it can get really busy at times😁 (and sometimes its just pure laziness😂😂) But whose excited though? December is around the corner! So this post came out of my frustration in getting a cheap bridal hairpiece for my mannequin head, Saruyi-Edith. Sayuri-Edith is where I practise styling bridal hairstyles by the way. So I was able to do something with tissue sheets, a bobby pin, a string of thread and scissors. That’s all! 

What’s cool about this hairpiece is that its very cheap to make, its really nice looking especially if you’re a bride or you have a couple of bridesmaids (especially bridesmaids), little brides or whoever AND its biodegradable😁😁 (just had to put that there). So let’s get into the tutorial!

First separate the tissue paper (if you can). I used a total of four sheets for this tutorial

Fold the sheets accordian style, like how you would fold a paper fan. Then tie the middle part with string. It doesn’t have to be super tight but just tight enough . Remember its tissue paper.

Then using A pair of sharp scissors, make a curve cut on the tissue paper which makes it softer especially if your using it for a bridal look


Then separate the tissue and gently fluff it upwards. You can attach the pin at the back

And  Viola! We (or rather you) are done!

I made some earlier on.

You can make it smaller, bigger, use one or up to three if you want. It alll depends on you! And am sure if you use really nice tissue paper, propbably different  colours,nooobody will know unless you have a cold and use it to clean your nose (am guessing? 😁)
So what do you guys think? Would you rock this and how would you rock it?! Leave a comment below to let us know. Don’t forget you can follow this blog for more interesting posts.And! am on social media (@aeilsa_eats and @aeilsa_mua) for more of me and my experiments/makeup…and till my next post, Annyeongaseyo!

Xoxo, Aeilsa

My Prayer for Nigeria

A few years ago, some people decided that ” Hey, let’s loosen our reigns on these people a bit” and that’s how on this fateful day you were born. When you came to be, people were happy, danced in the streets with joy on the news of your birth. Your colours green and white decorated every street and neighborhood. Yes, the 1st of October was your birthday. Then you grew and flourished. You gave wealth to your people and in turn they provided not just for countries and federations but the world! You were blossoming into a fine young thing but gradually you started showing symptoms of being sick and like a negligent parent we ignored it, thinking it would pass like a bad cold. On the outside you were good but on the inside, you hid your pain, you were really sick. And when your infection developed into a disease it was a little too late….

But like every disease, there is a cure. Even cancers have remedies and some are even preventable. What am I saying Nigeria? You who on the day of your birth brought us joy and gladness, will still bring us that same joy and gladness. You will flourish. You will prosper. Even though some people may have turned their backs on you, there are some of us who won’t. You were destined for great things and yes we see you fighting, getting your vigor back, breaking free from the chains your ‘family’ bound you in. I see you rising, like a beautiful phoenix from its ugly ashes. 

Happy Birthday Nigeria! Even with your scars you’re still beautiful!

Xoxo, Aeilsa😊