My 3# Tips on How to Shop for Makeup

Helloooo….how have you been? Sorry I’ve not been consistent lately. Am still in school and working on my project which often ends in the evening…and when I get home…there’s no light at home and am tired and the last thing I want to to post something on my blog just because I- Have- To! (But NEPA *cough* PHCN  has been improving these past few days i must say 😀 ) But am really sorry guys.

So today, I thought it would be fun to give some pointers on how to buy makeup, not only here in Nigeria but from whatever part of the world you’re reading from (Please tell us where you’re reading from in the comment section below!) So lets get right into it 😀 😀

1. Know the price: So for me, if i have my mind made up on a particular product in intend buying, the first thing I usually do is to go to popular online shopping malls here in Nigeria like to check the range of prices of that particular product and if I can afford it or not. I normally check Konga or Jumia but for shipment I use the Konga website cause its easier.

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2. Read reviews: When you check the price of the product you want to buy, I highly suggest you you read multiple product reviews on the net. Watch YouTube videos, especially on people who have the same or similar skin conditions (e.g skin type, skin tone, skin issues or not) as you do. Also know how type in specific keywords on whatever search engine your using. For example, if I want to buy a foundation and I know I have combination skin, and am in a relativity humid environment you see me typing in words like;

” Foundation reviews that work on combination skin in Nigeria” or “Foundations for oily skins in humid”

you do see where am going with this right? It doesn’t matter if the “english” doesn’t sound “correct”, just as long as you type in the correct keywords 🙂 Also! you can quickly read up reviews  on another product you happen to see at the store (PSSTTT!!! I do reviews on this blog…don’t tell anyone :D)

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3. Ask questions from people who have used it: This is a no-brainer. You might know a makeup artist…or not 🙂 or  you have friends who really are into makeup… just ask for their honest opinions. OR!!! You can ask your questions here haha! Just leave a comment in the section below and I’ll get straight at ya ASAP 😀

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Enjoyed the post? Hope this post has been helpful? But if I left anything out or you know any tip that you use and you want others to know to…just leave your suggestion in the comment section below!!! Thank you all for giving me a little piece of your time today.Please tag someone who’d love this post. Share. Like. Follow. God bless!

Love, Aeilsa


Ollie’s Thoughts:The “Rice Cleansing”

For anyone who was taught to wash rice till the water sparkled, this is for you😀…happy Sunday folks!

I was washing rice in the evening yesterday, I had washed the rice twice, after parboiling it earlier. Normally I would have felt this was okay….by the way this is rice, clean rice bought from a market, not some dirty food mixed by a pig. Lol!

Anyway, by the time I was pouring water to go for the third round, I wasn’t particularly looking for dirt…or looking to remove any. I was checking to see how transparent the water had become. For anyone who has stayed near my mama, this would make sense to you…cause in her books, your rice is finally ready to be cooked when your water used in washing the rice becomes transparent…and as white as the rice itself. Lol

Lemme gist you the stages of washing rice…first there is the pre-parboiling stage, where you wash the rice with cold water once, then you parboil the rice, and then you proceed to wash and wash and wash the rice…till your water for washing this rice becomes colourless and you can see your rice as white as it can be….how many times this might be after your parboiling, totally depends on your efficiency. But one goal is certain, that rice must be sparkling clean by the time it hits the pot for proper cooking.

When I had started to wash rice or started my cooking career, my mum would always say my rice was dirty…and would proceed to re-wash my washed rice everytime.

But I got the hang of it, lazy-ass me fa…lol. And by the time I was washing for the third time after parboiling yesterday, I could see my white rice from the water…

Sometimes I wonder, to what gain does my mum do this? Are we not really washing out all the nutrients in the poor rice and just eating chaff finally? Anyway, so long as I Dont get fat, I’m not so bothered!

You should come see my mum wash “acha”! Most times I wonder how such a hardworking woman like that gave birth to someone like me…. She literally washes the soul out of anything she touches!

Ollie’s Thoughts: Being Self-loved

Hey guys, have you ever been at that point where the days just see like an emotional roller coaster? When you try so hard to move on but still feel stuck in one place?

I had a situation like that once…I’d been through a break up and still finding it abit difficult to move on, and the oga’s birthday was approaching. You know that feeling, when you have this particular day all planned out…what you would do, what you would say, the gift to accompany the words…blah blah. And so, when life happened, and I had a few days to the birthday, it felt like my whole worry was no longer about how I was emotionally, but how he would feel on that day. I kept asking myself…should I send a message? Should I call? How would he interprete my message? Would I appear desperate?.I got so preoccupied that I almost forgot to live my life.

And when the day finally came…I was calm. And that day, I realised I needed to put me first. I celebrated my recent success on Facebook, I wrote some posts (totally unrelated to him or the break up) and I just lived my life.

Sincerely speaking, I wasn’t bothered anymore …and at night, I sent a Facebook message saying “Happy birthday“.

My point? I did not forego myself or worry so much about my validation before his eyes anymore. I did what made me truly happy that day(yes, even if it was just a simple Facebook message)…and I’m still doing what makes me happy.

There are thousands of literature out there on what to do to keep a relationship, how to deal with break up, how to live life generally. My take, no one can ever understand what anybody has to go through during emotional times. But the best you can do for yourself, is living for you first.

The Bible even corroborates this by saying love your neighbour as you love yourself. Emphasis being on loving yourself.

Personally, an advantage of growing older , is not shying away from my God given abilities, and doing things that make me happy( Hallelujah somebody!). I’m still on the journey of complete self love….wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was?

Being just enough, being self sufficient…loving yourself wholly and whenever life happens, you would be ready to take it on!

What’s your take on loving your self? When can loving ever be too much? And when is loving your self more of a miss than a hit? Let’s talk friends…this might help someone reading this…


Hair Journal: Dudu Osun…as hair shampoo

Hey there…its me..the bloggerof the year…been a while….😊😁

You know am being serious about that right? Blogger of the year😁

Anyways! How are we today? So I know I haven’t written much on hair care / my hair journey so far so I decided to write this about my current go-to-soap-shampoo (if there’s anything like that), the all famous DUDH OSUN (pronounced ‘doo-doo oh-shun’)

So three very important things led me to use D.O as a shampoo for my hair….

1. I was broke. Haha. I needed to wash my scalp ASAP because of this Ogun state weather and…no money so I needed to find a cheaper, ORGANIC alternative.

2. I remembered  my sister and friend (who are both naturalistas) say thatt they said they saw D.O being used as a shampoo on a blog or something. See how being broke can jog someone’s memory😁.

3. D.O is made of natural ingredients such as :

Pure honey, Shea butter, Osun (Camwood), Palm kernel Oil, Cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, Aloe Vera , Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, Water and Fragrance . These things are ought to be great for your hair right?

I think the problem I find with most natural hair shampoos is that they don’t lather as much because o the elimination of sulphates but I love, love love how this lathers and the smell… 
D.O is known largely to help alleviate skin problems especially when used on the face but when I do use it my face usually feels a little ‘taut’ after washing it hence I feel my scalp and hair feel the same so I ALWAYS work in  a s**t load of conditioner (preferably leave in) when am done washing to prevent dryness.

So that’s that about…that😁 

Have you washed your hair with Dudu Osun ? Did it work for your hair and scalp? Were there any side effect(s)? Also are there any hair shampoos (organic of course) that you love to use and would recommend? Please tell me..,help my life! He he. 

Till my next post…stay safe

Love, Aeilsa

“The  LORD redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in Him shall be desolate”

                                                    Psalms 34: 22(KJV)

Ollie’s Thoughts: Does it matter what the world revolves around? 

Aeilsa: Hey friend! Welcome …have a seat…would you like something to drink?Want about something to munch on? Comfy? 😁 why am I being extra nice you ask? Well cause its Oluchi’s ‘Ollie’ first post! Yayyyyy! Why don’t we show some love by supporting her, even give her more likes than me (hey, am all for letting others shine o) and most importantly… Enjoy *tipping my hat*

You think say the world the revolve around your bum bum, You think say the world the revolve around your fine waist…Hold up!”

As I sat in the bus on my way home, I unconsciously nodded to this song as the driver jammed it from his attached stereo connected to his phone….and then, I had a jolting moment of consciousness! 
Hold up Oluchi! What’s this song about sef? Its not my first time hearing it…and yea, I feel like the song is sexist (I know, a totally unpopular view abi?) 
But if a man or a woman has to judge me, go ahead and sing a song about my beautiful shapely body in a slightly demeaning way, its sexist! Yearoundgot of us dance to it…sometimes we even use these words to taunt our fellow women because we feel threatened by the fact that they are aware of their good body shapes and probably dress so nicely always!
The world is at a stage where women’s rights and equality has never been more emphasised than now…we have our very own Chimamanda Adichie championing this cause! So the next time you sing that song….or write and castigate slay queens on your social media wall, remember you are part of the problem…where women are not allowed to dress nice and look pretty if they choose! 
By the way, who says slay queens are dumb? Slay mamas like Kim Kardashian and the whole Kardashian clan have probably revolved the world around their bum bum…and you knw what, they are great business women, wives and mothers at the same time…and highly successful at each role!
Hold up! Let the world revolve around any girl’s bum bum if it may…but its not your place to judge her!


A New Member of the Family is Coming!

So we are having some come join us very soon! I wanted to  bring a new angle to this blog, apart from the makeup and food (and any other random thing I can come up with 😁)

Her name is Oluchi. We met during our 100 level days in the University of Jos (aluta continua!). Her articles are not just humorous but they pass a message across. Her stories are very relatable especially if you live here in Nigeria. 

I hope you love her as much as I do!

Love, Aeilsa!

Product Review: House of Tara’s (H.O.T) Eyeshadow Primer

Hey there!😁 What’s cracking?

Sooo, its been a while I’ve done a makeup product review. I was going through some old pictures on my phone, I came across the H. O. T eye shadow primer I took sometime last year….which I totally forgot about. So that is what we’re gonna talk about today.

If you’re like me, as an everyday girl, I deal with oily creases which can be a bit of a problem when I apply eye shadows, especially shimmery eye shadows in the long run. They just settle in the beautiful eyelid creases God gave me😁 . As a MUA, if there’s anything I like to guarantee to my client and what they look for is long lasting makeup application. Seem less..long lasting makeup. This is where the H.O.T eye shadow primer comes in.

Product Description:  The packaging is like the H.O.T trio eye shadows, same size and shape. The primer is white in colour, which feels greasy but is not at all. I find this easy to apply especially for my cut crease looks. It can be applied with a brush/finger. Depending on the intensity of the eye shadow, it can be built up. Easy to clean with makeup wipes. No fragrance (yay!) AND!!! its Nigerian 😎
This was recommended by another MUA when I was serving in Bauchi, Bauchi state during my service year like two/three years back. I love the H.OT eye shadow products I had (eye shadows/lip sticks /lip pencils) and I thought this would be a GREAT PRODUCT to try. Was I wrong haha…at first.

When I tried it a couple of times when I first bought it, I was dissapointed because my eye shadows kept settinling in my crease in the long run. Because I bought mine from a distributor, which I buy all my H.O.T products in Jos, the possibility of a fake (which  seriously crossed my mind ) was put to rest. Then I asked a few MUAs if they had used the primer and if they had issues with it. Then an MUA suggested I set it with a powder, which I didn’t think of and when I did  (translucent powder), applied the eyeahadow…it stayed for a looooonng time. I remember I did my look in the morning and till late at night my eye shadow did not budge.

I’ve been using this for a year now and I still have a lot of product left in the pan and for the price, its pretty affordable. It not only primes the eye, it intensifies the eye shadow and is a great base especially for matte eye shadows.

Have you used this primer before? How well did it work for you? Did you have any issues with this primer? Would you buy it again? Please let us know o! Cause we must save money😁

Hope this post has been helpful? Thank you for time and if you have any questions/comments please leave them in the comment section below. Please tag someone who’d love this post. Share. Like. Follow. God bless!

Love, Aeilsa