My Korean-Boo-ism!

I think in my heart of hearts…am a Korea-boo.

Annyeonghaseyo! Elizabeth yeyo haha…Gotchya! Hello everyone, am Elizabeth a.k.a Aeilsa…a.k.a Liz and your welcome to my blog. Mannaseo bangawoyo (It’s really nice to meet you ). My love for Hangul started with Boys over Flowers (any BOF fans in the house?!! Say whoop whoop). Prior to that, I don’t think I can recall knowing what hangul (Korean language) sounded like. Basically, I watched Korean dramas just for the same reason majority of people watch it for. The finneeee boys! lol


Korean drama collage
How many have you watched?! The reasons behind my love for the language.

But then I progressed from the rich fine K-drama boys (which few exist in real life) to the next best thing. Food! or Eumsik. AnytimeIi watch K-dramas, at a certain point, am always hungry. Then after one K-drama too many, I began to wonder about the South Korea and what it was like. Up until then, I might add that for the longest time I thought  South Korea was the same as North Korea prior to watching K-dramas…which am happy to report isn’t the case 🙂

Any smart person should know that media often sell a single story, even if they don’t want to. South Korea is much more than K-dramas, K-pop, variety shows and Kimchi, its a place of rich culture and traditions, a way of life which I find incredible and a real world with its own flaws as well, just like ANY COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE FRIGGING WORLD! South Korea thankfully is very up to date, contemporary and is not as strict as its northern counterpart, speaking of Seoul and probably Busan, Hongdae and Itaewon and probably Pyeonchang thoughhhhh I might add it still is very conservative in some aspects. I have also watched a lot of Youtube videos on how other races are treated in Korea (I lovvvvveeee Kennie J. D.) and basically, they seem to have a ‘normal’ treatment system to other races especially black people cause that’s what I searched for like 99% OF THE TIME! LOLI haven’t been to Korea so I really can’t say this and this and that and that of Korea but just from what I’ve seen and heard from people who have it really is a good place to go for vacations and a place to go learn a new culture and language if you can afford it.

CAN WE GET BACK TO THE FOOD?! lol. I just want to eat their FFOOOODD! Not the American foods/snacks where I hear everything is sweet haha but real Korean food/street foods I want to know what kimchi, bulgoigi, fish cakes, spicy rice cakes, ramyeon, dark soy noodles dumplings, moon cakes, bimbipap, SQUID and the many other delicacies Korea has to offer…basically a tasty vacation. LOL


korean food
My Korean Food Fantasies  

So why write a post about South Korea out of the blues? Basically, its a for a competition, for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018 and the deadline is tomorrow, 22nd of November 2017. My sister knows am trying to study hangul and she just showed me the contest flyer and after talking myself out of it…like is it possible to win? am here writing this rather long essay LOL. But am still trying though. If I win, going to be to S.K will be a dream….a dream! KKum! So there…my korea-boo-ism isn’t that bad is it?


Who else would love to go to S.K? Or if you have been to S.K, what was your experience like? Please tell me. I love reading up on this kind of stuff.

Until my next post…stay safe!


New Direction for my Blog…Again!


So it’s been a hot minute and this is going to be a short post (hopefully🙄).

Anyways, apart from me being so embarrassed about not posting ANYTHING in a couple of months, I’m equally excited that I have a new plan for this blog… again.

What is this plan you ask? Well, I’m going to use this blog to update my online community about what I do. So basically, using this blog for my businesses.

As you may or may not know, I’m Elizabeth and I’m a MAKEUP ARTIST, a FOOD VENDOR (mainly finger foods) and a PAPER CRAFTER. And currently all these businesses have 3 separate accounts on my Instagram ( @aeilsaMUA @Aeilsa_Eats and @nanbyenscraft) but I’m thinking of having one platform to show what I do to the world…am I making sense?😃

As you probably can’t tell, I’m so so excited to show you guys what I’ve been up too and what I’ll be doing in the future. It’s going to be a crazy one for you my friend, me as well! But, with the help of God, we’ll be just. fine. 😊

Thank you for sticking it with me all these years and hopefully I make you excited every time you come to my blog and make your day!

Stay safe.

Xoxo – Aeilsa

Hustle and Heels 2nd Edition

Hey there!

So I’m excited to share about this great organization in Jos, called Hustle and Heels.

So what is Hustle and Heels (or H&H)? is a non-profit community aimed at providing valuable business skills, mentorship and networking opportunities for young, female entrepreneurs in Plateau state.Our aim is to build a community that will in turn build and open doors for others coming up. We believe in collaboration not competition and we would love for you to be part of this project.

Excerpt from. Instagram Bio.

So basically, it’s to make us bad-ass business women so that in turn we help produce bad-ass buisness women on the Plateau.

So this was the 2nd edition and the dress code was “Hats”! Trust we women now, we dressed up! But, a few of us wore fascinators 😃😃 but aren’t fascinators smaller hats?😂 I rest my case.

The venue was Dear Dish Restaurant at Rayfield which is a little nice restaurant which is all the rage among the young people in Jos now.

So enough stories, let’s see some pictures!

What I really like are the little name cards, notebook and pen which make it easy for you to locate your sit…even when you go late like some of us🙄🙄

I came late and missed the first speaker 😣😣

But I got to hear the last 2 speakers….speak😏

We had Mr. Eric Nanfwang Lamle who is the incbation manager of nHub Nigeria.

He spoke to we ladies about:

  1. What a business plan is.
  2. How to write a business plan.


Hauwa’s Face Beat with Aeilsa’s Makeover

Hi there😊

It’s been a hot minute…

I won’t even say much about not being around ’cause I’m too embarrassed 🙈 Too too embarrassed I tell ya.

But right now, the aim is to write a new post everyday…so help me God🙂

Today’s post is about this look I made for Hauwa who was kind enough to take her time out for me to flex my fingers. As most of you know ( or don’t know, it’s fine), I’m a makeup artist and my brand name is Aeilsa’s (ah-el-sas) Makeover. I’m a bridal makeup artist , but I also do makeup for wedding guests, birthdays, pre-wedding shoots e.t.c.

Makeup Products:

Brows – Elsas brow tint and Beauty Line by Didi brow pencil.

Eyes: P. Louise base (2) , Cali Chic eyeshadow palette, Zaron eyeshadow palette, Urbanchic glitters in Gelato,Zikel smudge proof gel eyeliner, Milsmetics eyelashes

Face: Zikel foundations in number 30 and number 5 , L.A. Girl concealer in fawn, Sacha buttercup setting powder (for the T-Zone), Zikel powder palette for the rest of the face (to highlight and contour too), Cali Chic eyeshadow palette as blush. Mac pigment in Stardream as bronzer . Zaron setting spray for the entire face.

Lips: Classic lipstain in VIP, NYX soft matte lip stain  (a light milk color but the name has been wiped off😣) Zaron lipgloss in 24 karat.





We were both pleased with the look and how it turned out at the end. What do think about this look? Where would you rock this look? Leave your comments in the comment section below!

Thank you so much for reading this post and till my next post…be safe fam!

Coconut, Pumpkin Seeds (#EGUSI) and Dates Granola (Oil free/Pan made)

Hey guys!

Happy New month! Welcome to the best month ever…because I was born in it😁

Sorry I’ve not been posting as I should, reasons being ;

1. Laziness😣🙈🙈

2. My phone got spoilt but thankfully got another😎.

On a second thought, forget I said anything about point 1😁.

So I know granola is typically made with rolled oats, nuts, honey e.t.c., I wanted to try something different. And it was sure worth the time and effort.

And typically granola are baked in an oven, and since I don’t have one, decided to make mine using a gas top. And I’m so happy it worked !

Enough talk.


1 small coconut

A handful of dates

A handful of pumpkin seeds (egusi)

A handful of Golden Morn cereal



Frying pan ( preferably nonstick)

  1. Depit the dates. If you have dried dates soak overnight in a little water and keep in the refrigerator. Blend the dates and keep aside.
  2. Wash and grate the coconut. You can use a food processor if you can but don’t make it too fine.
  3. Toast the pumpkin seeds in a pan till they begin to swell and pop like popcorn.
  4. Mix all the ingredients together. Press the mixture in a pan.
  5. On low heat, let the residual water evaporate. Continue to stir the mixture to ensure the mixture doesn’t burn. The mixture will change to a darker brown colour but still on medium – low heat stir the mixture till it’s dry.
  6. Add in the golden morn to add crispness to the mixture.
  7. Spread onto a tray to dry and keep in an airtight container or bag.

Easy right?!

And because the coconut is sweet and with the addition of the dates, it’s fantastic. Definitely make this and become a super hero with mad granola making powers 😁😁

You can stop at step 4 and roll the mixture into tiny balls or energy bites as I like to call them. Just make sure you allow them to set in the fridge for about 1 hour – overnight (if you’re not in a hurry). The fat from the shredded coconut when chilled helps binds the ball mixture to make it a lot sturdier. Remember there is no added sugar or oil in this.

You can also use the granola to make parfaits. Like the one below which contains yoghurt and apples. Delicious!

Thank you for reading! Hopefully you found this helpful. Also don’t forget to ask questions cause I love them. Also tag a friend and share this post!

Thank you and much love😗

Xoxo, Aeilsa

Honey-Orange Chicken

Hello everyone. It’s your favorite absentee blogger here again😁

If you’re up-to-date with what’s been happening in Nigeria, a lot of sad events have occurred, very, very, sad in my beautiful state, Plateau state and in Lagos. But in all situations, I continue to thank God 🙇🙏

So like all great things I make 😆😝 it started from having what I have. I only did a small batch because I wasn’t too sure about the taste. But since honey was involved, I knew it was going to be o.k 👌

So here’s the recipe:

1 chicken breast

Juice from 1 orange

About 2 tablespoons of honey

About 1/ 4 cup of soy sauce

A tablespoon of finely chopped ginger

A pinch of red chili flakes

  1. Cut the breast into even bite-size cubes.
  2. Combine everything into a saucepan. Yes, including the chicken breast😁
  3. Let everything simmer on a low heat. The chicken will cook in the liquid.
  4. Let the liquid reduce to a thick glaze. Check for doneness of the chicken and if its done, serve with whatever your heart desires.

I served this with some mint and orange flavored Fonio (or Acha as we like to call it down here). You could also do couscous or rice.

This dish isn’t for the faint-hearted Nigerian. I think this also makes a nice stuffing in a lettuce wrap or even tacos!

What do you guys think of this recipe? Would you try it? I encourage you to try it, it’s really good!😋

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to like to post. I let me know you guys like posts like this. Don’t feel shy to leave a comment, recommendations and please FOLLOW THIS BLOG! 💚

Till my next post, stay safe 👍

Xoxo, Aeilsa.

Makeup Review: Classic Eyebrow Pencil

If you know me,  cheap is ALWAYS right up my alley.

                                                             – What everyone secretly thinks

Hey guys! Thank you for tuning in to another post! It’s your girl Lizzie a.k.a Aeilsa a.k.a you don’t want to mess with me this week (another post for another time). How was your week so far? Wait…did anyone get a promotion at work? Give birth maybe? Open a business? Get a high score on a test? Land a dream job/ girl/ guy? Or maybe everything was just… normal? Well, guess what? You’re alive and kicking and not 6 feet under. So there…gave you a reason to be thankful

(Your welcome 😀 )

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on makeup and I thought to break the silence…why don’t I talk about this eyebrow pencil I’m currently loving. Most of us know the Classic makeup brand. In my opinion, Classic is a pretty good makeup brand, especially for beginner/upcoming makeup artists.  Why? They have a nice range of makeup products which actually do the work if you know how to use them. They also don’t require you breaking the bank compared to some other makeup brands. The only snag is…you have to buy the original thing (or things) from a distributor and not the fake stuff which is everywhere in the market. Luckily, if you’re in Jos, I know a place so just stay until the end of this post to know.


Pros:  When am not using a brow gel or powder to fill in my brows, or that of my clients, I usually use this. Why? It stays put, doesn’t change in color and doesn’t give an oily/waxy appearance like the Davis/ Airwoman pencils. AND what I love even more, there’s a spoolie brush attached to it which makes the whole eyebrow process less tasking ( I usually have to rummage through my kit once in a while to find my small spoolie brush, so this is a big one up for me 😀 )

Cons: It may seem a little pricey to some, but I see it as a great pencil for an MUA to have in their kit. It doesn’t have a sharpener of its own though, but I have a ton of sharpeners in my kit so not really bothered.

I chose the color coffee in color 3, which is like a charcoal kind of color which I was looking for. But there are lighter colors which am definitely going to buy and try. Hopefully, it also holds up!

So there you go guys. Have you tried this brow pencil from Classic before? How was your experience? Would you buy it again? Let us know!

ALSO, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE 40 SOMETHING -AND-STILL-COUNTING PEOPLE WHO ARE FOLLOWING MY BLOG!!! What can I say? Y’all are MAD GENIUSES 😀 But seriously though especially in the last two (2) weeks received a lot of follow notifications…was really scared that it was something like spam or something. And most of you aren’t even Nigerian, I think 😀 (Gotta love the internet) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Don’t forget to be good to yourself this week. And till my next post…stay safe!


I bought mine at Beauty Shop by Jonneri (IG: @beautyshopbyjonneri). Suite 18, Chi-God shopping complex, Rayfield, Jos, Nigeria.


IG: @aeilsamua or @aeilsa_eats

FB: Aeilsa’s Makeover

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Twitter: @aeilsa

YouTube: Aeilsa’s Makeover



Delayed Flight Rant and Making Friends #brainfart

When will #ARIKairline ever live to impress?

So I was on my way back to Lagos from Jos last week Thursday and had a booking with Arik airline with a departure time of 2:05pm and arrival time of 4:35pm. Granted, there was a light rain fall (empahasis on the ‘light’) which happened wayyy after our boarding time and it was then we were informed that because of the weather, the plane had to go to Kaduna before coming to Jos! That was the FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT! WAYYYYY after our boarding time (1:35pm)! In my opinion, Arik have a way of just sticking their middle finger in the air at their passengers, before they realise that they have to show proper home training so that they look responsible…somewhat responsible #smh.


Disappointed Blank Stare GIF by Saturday Night Live
How Arik passengers look when their flight has been delayed


But it wasnt all bad though. Had a nice time with some new friends I met at the airport:

  • Philip and Iyanu– who are currently doing their NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) in Jos.
  • Samira – A true african queen (her head was shaved) with a waist was so snatched haha. Also doing her NYSC in Jos. Samira, Philip and Iyanu are all in the same batch.
  • Chollom a.k.a Chunky – O.K. so this isn’t a new person. He’s a childhood friend who came to pick up his mum at the airport. He introduced me to Philip and Iyanu who were with him.
  • Donald a.k.a D’Love – basically a film and tv freelancer from Ekiti state.

It was really cool just sittting down, gisting, debating till we got the boarding announcement. As we were boarding the plane, I happened to see a somewhat elderly (probably early 40s) ‘Oyinbo’ pilot checking one of the plane engines, and in my very sterotypically nigerian mind I was like ” Oyinbo pilot = He knows what he’s doing = Smooth flight 😀 Captain Sully anyone?” lol #dontmindme

episode 4 snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

So it was a big plane (thank God) and it was a free sitting arrangement for Jos passengers (yeaaaaa!!) and quickly beelined to a window seat, which had beloned to an elderly man who went to the toilet (I honestly didnt know! :D) but he kindly let me have his seat <3. Iyanu sat next to me and Philip sat behind us. And trust me, what we majorly spoke of during the flight was the various businesses we were into, and what we wanted in the future. Iyanu told me he and Chuncky started a poulty business and currently had about 150 birds (layers) which were a few weeks old which was quite impressive if you ask me.

So basically we arrived Lagos safely, with a smooth take off and descent (Thanks Captain “Sully”) lol….exchanged information…said our goodbyes….and am here giving you people the gist 😀 Una too like amebo. lol. But I LOVE you!!! 😀 😀

If you like this type of posts…just me and my everday experiences, just give me a LIKE , which tells me you enjoy reading my brain farts and encouraging me to do more.

thumbs up GIF

Thank you SOOOO much for taking time out to read this and till my next post….stay safe.


I Didn’t Run Away…Technically Speaking

*Door carefully creaking open and shut with just a click*

*Me standing sheepishly*

Hello guys 😀

Yes! I know I know it been a minute. I mean, after that wonderful post on what I promised to this year, I just vanished. Even for me, it was a little funny. I won’t say am back because I was never gone believe it or not, always thinking of my fam here on WordPress and the hundred of lurking readers. Been a little busy with school and I was getting anxious that I didn’t feel like writing even though I had all these ideas in my head. Sometimes I be coming home past 9pm fam and the last thing I wanted to do was to be in front of my computer. I say this with great shame 9*small whisper*) but I even thought about deleting the blog (did I just hear you gasp) but thankfully the BF advised me otherwise. But am happy to announce by the grace of God am done with my dissertation! Finally!

Dobby is freeeeee * Mad Fireworks*

I literally feel like a heavy load has been lifted off my head (yes my head, not just my shoulders) Been walking around lightheartedly…anyone out there knows what I mean? So will be back posting by the grace of God, makeup reviews, recipes, hacks and one or two funny/embarrassing/slightly awkward stories one being about how a Youtube clip put me and one of my professors in a slightly awkward position. It was a cringe-worthy moment 😀 😀

Just follow my blog to see upcoming posts in the very near future. So am typing in the dark with just the light from my computer screen at 5.41am in the morning (no power…courtsey NEPA/PHCN/whatever they’re being called these days). Think am going back to bed or will just continue listening to Hillsong’s songs haha…try saying that without missing a breath 😀 So till my next posts friends….stay safe!

Aeilsa over and out! Muah!

Image Source: A Touch of Blue Marine

2018… New Year Resolutions

Happy New Yearrrr!!!!

Yup, it’s a little late I know but am so you happy that God has kept us thus far! I have been at home for almost two weeks now and been really busy. I feel so guilty because I haven’t really paid attention to my baby *tear drop*

And by baby, I mean my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Not an actual baby (and am not talking about a man either! ). So as much as I try not to write 365 resolutions each year (ok haha, many not that many), I just have abouttt….errrmm….let’s see…

  1. To focus more on my social media handles. I by focusing to post a video every week on my Youtube channel, to post at least once a week on my blog (watch out for my random brain farts! lol), to tryyyyy and understand Twitter and post there once a while too. Okay. That’s a total of three (3) resolutions in one 🙂
  2. To try reading a book once a month. I used to be an avid reader when I was growing up. I mean I could read 300 and something page novels in a week or less than. Nowadays I struggle to read a 50 something page book. I wonder what happened. O yeah. I became an internet junkie 🙂 Don’t even get me STARTED on me trying to read my Bible at a stretch! A story for another time.

I threw losing weight /staying fit out the window a lonnnggg time ago lol.

Anyways, those are my resolutions this year by God’s grace.

Leave a comment on what you plan on achieving this year…and how many have you broken so far? haha


(P.S.: If I happen to sound like a toddler its because I ate a lot of sugar before bedtime. So I may be a little sugar high 😀 )

                                                           2018…may the odds be in our favor

Until my next post…Stay safe!

Love, Aeilsa.


My Creamy Avocado Pasta


It’s me Aeilsa with another post here.

Also..let’s  pretend it hasn’t been a while I’ve posted anything shall we😅Thank you! (감사합니다! )

So if you love pasta, and you want to cut down a few calories or maybe you want a healthier alternative, and! you also love avocado, then this my friend is the recipe for you🙌 

Basically you will need:

Pasta (1/2 pasta)

An avocado (1/2 avocado)

Salt (a pinch – half a table spoon)

Garlic (1 large diced clove)


Sausages (bolied)

Fresh tomatoes (cut in large chunks)

Pumkin leaves (thinly cut)

Black pepper

Onions (diced)

Anything you want to throw into the mix😊

  1. Boil pasta and drain.
  2. Cut your avocado in a bowl. Mash well with a fork, add in all the ingredients listed above apart from your pasta. If the consistency is a little too thick add a little pasta water or plain water.
  3. When your okay with the taste of basically, your guacamole 😁 , add in your pasta.
  4. Garnish with extra veggies or whatever you fancy on top
  5. Eat heartily in front if your enemies. Wahahaha!

Verdict: This was the first time eating pasta with avocado and I did expect the avocado-y taste😄 but it was so creamy to eat. And with the garlic, fresh tomatoes, pepper, sausages it was literally divine! And the beat part, apart from the pasta and sausage, everything else was guilt free!!! Can’t wait for avocado season to start to make this again!

Easy huh? If you loved this post would appreciate if you would please give it a like!! And don’t forget to follow the blog for more posts on food, makeup and whatever thoughts that just pop up in my brain 😁.
Leave a comment if you would try this recipe and if you have any variation that uou know would help! We do learn everyday. And off course thank you for stopping by 🙋🙋🙋and hope you do visit next time.

Stay safe! 

Xoxo, Aeilsa

Instagram handle: @aeilsa_eats for amazing SIMPLE food ideas.

“Whatever work you do, do your best. This is because you are going to the grave. There is no working, no planning, no knowledge and no wisdom there”

                  Ecclesiastes 9: 10